WFE (Warcraft Feature Extender)


WFE (Warcraft Feature Extender) - программа для расширения потенциала Warcraft III

  1. WFE (Warcraft Feature Extender)


    1. Fixed Mouse Lock not properly working with Top (in borderless mode) and Bottom (in both modes) parts of the window.
    2. Added PT (Portuguese) language, thanks nuzamacuxe.
  2. WFE (Warcraft Feature Extender)

    1. Fixed Heroes binds not selecting paused heroes.
    2. Fixed incorrect Registry id for maxfps (it does not really affect anything, but still, thanks to DiX998 for finding this issue).
    3. Fixed WFE binds with/without autocast clicking "through" minimap and moving camera to that spot. (Note: this does not fix the basic normal clicks, since again, those are caused by Blizzard's problematic click handling).
    4. Fixed lockfb registry Id on 1.28f, its ID apparently was changed on 1.28a...
  3. WFE (Warcraft Feature Extender)

    1. Fixed Fatal Error whenever decaying unit was selected via Unit Autoselection/Selection.
    2. Added Enable setting in Heroes Section, by default this option is disabled.
    Note 1: this was added to offset some weird Platforms that use 1.28f that for some reason cause the game to crash.
    Note 2: this does NOT happen on pure 1.28f.
    3. Fixed Default Profile not being selected on first launch, causing fake errors.
    4. Profiles can now be renamed, once you press Enter, its name will update, while...
  4. WFE (Warcraft Feature Extender)


    1. Added "Auto-Update" in Graphics Section.
    2. All Graphics related options now also use GRAPHICS section in config.
    3. Added Profile Combo Box in Main Section.
    Note: Now you can switch between profiles.
    4. Profiles can be added (created) via "+" and removed via "-" buttons near Profile label.
    5. Adding/Removing/Changing profiles will also update settings for all Warcraft 3 processes to the newly selected Profile.
    6. Added Heroes section in Key Binds.
    Note: this option...
  5. WFE (Warcraft Feature Extender)

    1. Fixed FPS Limiter option base setting, it was not correctly reading/resetting, if previous option was not "Off".
    2. Fixed broken Map Size Limit Remover on 1.27a
  6. WFE (Warcraft Feature Extender)


    1. Fixed not working map size limit remover for patches 1.27b and 1.28f.
    2. Fixed 16:10 resolution not being auto-detected.
    Note: 16:10 will use 16:9 data.
    3. Changed "Status" text to "FPS Unlocker".
    4. Removed "New" and "Legacy" options from FPS Unlocker, as Legacy no longer does anything.
    Note: now it's back to On/Off option. To actually limit FPS to your screen refresh rate, please use V-Sync.
    Note 2: V-Sync only works with DirextX9 and is automatically activated on patches...
  7. WFE (Warcraft Feature Extender)

    1. Fixed Cooldown UI and Buff UI refresh time not setting to lower than 100.
    2. Moved Upgraded UI to its own section, due to a massive overhaul.
    3. Added Auto Detect Aspect Ratio flag option to Upgraded UI section.
    4. Added Aspect Ratio combobox option to Upgraded UI section.
    5. Default Aspect Ratio of Upgraded UI has been set to 16:9.
    Note: 4:3 for now uses 16:9 values, as I cannot really test 4:3.
    6. Fixed broken CCoccupUI with night elf gold mines.
    7. Fixed Buff UI not...
  8. WFE (Warcraft Feature Extender)

    1. Added "Move Camera" flag to "Save Unit" section, which has 3 states:
    1) Off.
    2) Always. Meaning it will move the camera when autoselect is on or when hotkey was issued.
    3) On Key. Meaning it will move the camera when and only when the hotkey was issued.
    2. Fixed accidentally broken support for 1.27a.
    3. Updated Chinese localisation. (thanks EdgarL).
    4. BuffBar Section renamed into Buff UI.
    5. Buff UI Section reworked completely and now it's similar to Cooldown UI in terms of...